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Types Of Models
Catwalk & Fashion - You must be at least the minimum height stipulated as some of the girls can reach 6ft tall. You will have to have stamina as well as the resilience to cope with the very competitive nature of the people you will be working and competing with. You do need to learn good posture plus specific moves and turns before attempting this field of modelling. Some agencies will ensure that you are given the training and then the fee is deducted from your earnings once you start work. We never recommend people take catwalk-training courses before a genuine agency has agreed you have the potential.

Adult Females
Height: 5ft 7ins to 6ft tall
Bust: 34/36ins Waist: 24 ins Hips: 34/36 ins
Dress size: 8 to 12

Adult Males
Height: 5ft 11 ins to 6ft 2ins tall
Chest: 38/42ins Waist: 30/34ins
Suit size: 38 to 42

Advertising & Commercial - Most commercial agents prefer their models to be the same height as fashion models, however there are exceptions. Some agencies take on girls from 5'6 and guys from 5'10. If you are slightly below the fashion heights you really must have that something extra which shines through and comes out well in photographs.

Part Modelling - If you have a body part or body parts which are an asset to you such as legs, feet, hands, torso, eyes, lips, teeth, nose or ears which people have remarked upon, then you should take advantage of your asset. You must take care not to get bruises, scars or cuts and look after the asset at all times as you never know when you may be asked to work. Usually this is only part-time work so you should also ensure that you have another income.

Look-a-likes - If you resemble someone famous then there could be a part time celebrity style career available to you. Many celebrity lookalikes such as Camilla Shadbolt who is the leading Victoria Beckham lookalike or Andy Harman who is a David Beckham lookalike have undertaken many promotional opportunities. This can include advertisements, shop openings, nightclub appearances and newspaper features.

Character - All the people who appear within press adverts or television commercials are not models or trained actors some are character models. Character models are people with an interesting or different look. Some examples are the character 'Norm' who does the Twix bars adverts and the guy from the Mr Muscle adverts. You may just look like a typical British gentleman. If you have a look which you think could work in commercials contact one of the leading character agents and see if they think that their clients will be interested in you.

Plus Size or Outsize - Plus size modelling can vary from size 14 upwards. There are a few agencies and sensible clients who have noticed that not every person is rake thin. The fashion industry is becoming more realistic about size, but this is still quite a new category and I believe there is a long way to go before we see the catwalks full of blossoming, sexy, voluptuous women! However, there are plenty of new catalogues being published featuring clothing for the larger sized lady. Also with a few specialist agents promoting good plus sized models there are plenty of opportunities for commercial work as well.

Petite - Petite models are between 5 - 5'4 in height & a dress size 6 - 8. There are hardly any agencies that specialise in petite models as it is usually just a section within an agency. However, petite models should be aware that opportunities are limited and petite models should not expect to make a full time career out of it.

Promotions - To be a promotions model height does not matter. It is having a friendly, bubbly, helpful and fun personality that counts. Promotions can be fun since the work is not always the same. It can be from handing out free advertising brochures at car and boat shows, to greeting VIP guests at big nightclub opening parties or wearing a company logo "T" shirt and just standing next to the riders at the motor cycle championships. Whatever it is, it is well paid and fun. Promotions work can be a great area of extra income for the smaller model.

Glamour - You do not have to be tall to do this type of modelling. You should never go into this area of modelling unless it is your decision alone, never be influenced, persuaded, flattered or pushed into glamour Modelling - even if you are in love! Glamour modelling is no easier than any other area of modelling. You should be strong willed, clear about your intentions and have the strength of mind to say `NO' when you want to. As a glamour model you may get an awful lot of flack. You need to be sure of the areas of glamour work you wish to do. These can include swimwear, lingerie, topless and nude. We believe that you should have a good agent to look after you and you should not try to go it alone in the glamour industry. This is because the glamour industry unfortunately does attract the sleazy and exploitative type of person.