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Getting You First Test Shoot
You can look up in the yellow pages for photographers and visit them, checking out their work before committing to a session. You can also ask your agency for a recommended photographer but remember this shouldn't cost the earth.

Professional Photographs
Here are some numbers of our recommended local photographers:-
•Hugh Morris 02920 382780 a shoot of 1 colour film costs £25.00 includes 10 prints at 4x6. www.modelling-cardiff.com
•Brian Tarr 02920 498601 a shoot of 1 colour film costs £55.00, 2 films cost £75.00 & individual prints cost £1.80 each at size 4x6.
•Sian Trenberth 02920 457770 a shoot of 1 colour film costs £75.00 includes 10 prints at size 7x5.
Chris Palmer 07970 818 924 a shoot of 1 colour film costs £75.00 includes 10 prints at size 7x5.

It's important that you practice modelling as soon as possible. Buy some magazines like Vogue and Elle and practice standing like the models. Don't be afraid to practice smiling, looking moody and pouting.

Don't be intimidated by your photographer. Make sure you tell him what you want to get out of the session in advance take some magazines with you to the shoot. A white plain background is always a great basis for a test shoot so ask your photographer if you can have this for your shoot. Always try a variety of poses and facial expressions during your test. Don't just pout or snarl, smile too. Most people like to see you look happy and agents and clients are no different.

What To Wear & Makeup
Makeup - If you are not skilled with makeup then get a makeup artiste to do it for you. One that is used to working in the industry is best. Makeup should look natural, not too bright and eyebrows especially should not be over plucked or drawn in with black eyeliner, if you have to define your eyebrows a little with a pencil make sure it looks natural. Look at models and you will see that they have eyebrows. Classic makeup will mean your pictures won't look out dated so keep it simple like this cover of Kate Winslet in Vogue.

Getting Free Photographs.
It is a sad but true fact that nowadays you do not get something for nothing. It can be very flattering when someone asks to take your picture or offers to do a photographic shoot for you for nothing. But remember that there are very few things in life which cost nothing.

First, you should never put yourself in a vulnerable position. So tell your relatives or person you live with where you are going and give the exact location address. You must always take someone sensible of adult age with you. A genuine person (photographer) will not mind you doing this, if you do not then you are being foolish as you are already vulnerable even if you do know the person, take another adult with you.

Time For Prints
Local photographers and camera clubs will often require models to practice with. You can offer to model for free in exchange for prints for your portfolio. If you do this the same rules as above apply. Don't sign a model release as this will take away your rights and as your not getting paid money the photographer should not use these images other than as part of his portfolio.

Make sure you agree on how many prints you should receive for your time including the paper type, the size and amount etc. Make sure you get your prints within two weeks of the shoot and always get any promises made by the photographer in writing otherwise you may not get your copies. This is another good reason to have another adult with you at the sitting.

Portfolio Packages
AVOID agencies or photographers that try to sell you a portfolio package. Once you are accepted by an agency, they will need some pictures of the worker to start, so that clients can see how you look, however, do not get conned into a "Portfolio Package Scam".

The real professional portfolio will consist of a series of test shot photographs taken by various photographers on different days in different locations and in different styles, along with working shots collected once assignments have been undertaken. A models portfolio usually consists of 20 or more photographs from test shoots with over 10 - 15 photographers.

You can pay for a test shoot with a photographer but you should expect only one or two good photographs from this session. Photographers have different styles and you should not look the same throughout your book. Portfolio Packages are a way of making money for an agent or photographer and it's not necessary to spend more than £50.00 on a test shoot. So be warned and be wary. Never part with large sums of money up front for a portfolio package.